pathology, pathohistology

Essential tests

Pathological and pathohistological tests are essential for obtaining a fully comprehensive diagnosis. Our pathological experts deal with the precise diagnosis of diseases and provide our livestock-keeping partners and practicing veterinarians with advice to decide on the treatments and interventions required to aid healing. In addition to the pathological findings, our diagnostic experts also examine the clinical information, the results of additional tests and histological samples in order to determine the type and severity of the disease, and in certain cases to identify the pathogens.

In our modern pathological unit, we carry out pathological and pathohistological testing of the received animal carcasses and take samples for any necessary additional laboratory tests.

Sample pick-up service

We can receive animal corpses during working hours. We can also collect deceased animals with our sample pick-up service. Our vehicles are equipped to ensure that the carcasses are not affected by external circumstances that could influence the results of the autopsy.