Sample delivery. Pick-up service.

Sample deliveries

 Sample collection location change!

We would like to inform all our partners that the place of collection of the samples sent for autopsy has changed. Samples can now be received at our Animal Testing Site in Bár.

Address of the new sampling point: 7711 BÁR, 045/7 hrsz.


From the main road 56 at the place indicated on the map below, turn right onto the road next to the Véméndi stream and turn left from the direction of Dunaszekcső (GPS coordinates of the site 46.055435, 18.718756). At the beginning of the road there is a sign of Prophyl Ltd.

At the gate at the end of the road, please ring the bell or call the following telephone numbers:

  • Csaba Nemes, DVM, PhD: +36 70 795 4280
  • Mónika Katonáné Dragovics: +36 70 796 4137

Sample receipt:

Samples can be brought to the laboratory in person on working days between 07:00 and 17:00. Outside these hours, in urgent cases, samples may only be delivered if agreed in advance (please phone the numbers below).

Upon request, our laboratory can arrange for samples to be transported by courier.

For further information on this service, including packaging, dispatch and receipt of samples, please phone +36 30 447 2338 or email

Also upon request, our laboratory can provide our customers with sampling and packaging materials (blood vials, swabs, resealable plastic bags cardboard boxes etc.).


7711 BÁR, 045/7 hrsz.


Csaba Nemes DVM, PhD +36 70 795 4280

Mónika Katonáné Dragovics: +36 70 796 413

Sample pick-up service

It is possible to send an animal carcass and / or organ for laboratory examination via a sample pick-up service provided by our laboratory.

Based on a pre-order, we take over the diagnostic samples on Tuesday and Thursday at the premises of veterinarians and animal keepers.

A megrendelést legkésőbb a körjáratokat megelőző napokon, azaz hétfőn és szerdán 14 óráig várjuk a e-mail címen.  További információ  a +36 70 810 5108-as telefonszámon kapható.

The price of transporting the diagnostic sample (animal carcass or organ) from our site (7700 Mohács, Szent István u. 18-20.):

  • Up to 100 km 8,000 HUF + VAT
  • Between 101-200 km 10,000 HUF + VAT
  • Over 200 km 12,000 HUF + VAT

The supply of blood and swab samples is still available in the usual form. That is, a sample (blood, tampon, etc.) can be sent by delivery to the laboratory on the next working day, announced by 9 a.m. - in addition to the same day's pick-up.