quality assurance

glp and msz en iso 17025:2018

In the Dr. József Marek Veterinary Laboratory, the GLP regulations and the MSZ EN ISO 17025:2018 standard are applied in parallel.

Since 2020, based on the approval of the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority (NAH), the Laboratory may also perform accredited tests in the category of “testing laboratory” in line with the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 standard.

The area of accreditation is included in the accreditation document. The accreditation document is valid with the content contained in the detailed document that is in force at any time - available on the NAH website.

Our laboratory carries out the tests included in the permit in accordance with the principles of good laboratory practice (GLP) and the relevant national, OECD and EC regulations.

Our goal is to carry out our activities in accordance with the standards and regulations, using the best available method. We participate in organized proficiency programs to ensure the quality of laboratory measurement results.

The laboratory performs its activities in accordance with the approved Standard Operating Procedures described in the Quality Manual.

Our employees are committed to continuously improving their expertise and their dedication to quality through training.

During the activities of the laboratory, the head of the laboratory is responsible for ensuring that the relevant regulations are observed, while the QA director is responsible for the proper operation of the quality management system.