Our team

Unity, efficiency

Our excellent team of employees who are not only the driving force behind the operation and development of our activities, but also important contributors to the reputation of our company.

Zsófia Szabóné Benyeda, DVM, PhD

general manager

Tamás Anka

QA Director

Pál Bajnóczi, DVM

Head of R&D Department

Máté Halas, DVM

R&D Scientific Director

Csaba Nemes, DVM PhD

Senior Diagnostic Expert

Máté Martina

head of laboratory

Anett Kepner

Deputy Laboratory Manager

Gábor Draskovits

Laboratory Researcher

Norbert Incze

Laboratory Researcher

Luca Szabadi

Laboratory Researcher

Evelin Ratting

QA Specialist

Csilla Szendrő

Laboratory assistant